hye blog walker :D follow my blog , n i will follow u back ! no biggie uke , i loveyou ♥ see u

she's the best damn thing ♥

sys tyka 

can you hug me ??
yes , i will do it juz foo u sys tyka :)

first time , i know u , i was nervous too know u coz i think u an arrogant type , actually not lha , she's the best damn thing lha , she's very kind person , i loike her very much 
u know that ??
dea slalu story bout her boyfiee ikmal azri , yeah , my abg ipar lhaa :) , HAHA XD 
u all taow ?? ermm , noned lha u all naa taow , not your boyfiee kann ??
sys tyka own's boyfiee , huhu ,  
she's very indulgent wif her boyfiee , lalalala ~
mklumlha 1 year kple :) , huhu ,
kkdang jelez garx tnok dywnx ney , msra cgtcgt :(
, not like me , every day naa gado je keje , !! , huhu
tapy tape aslkan setia kann ??
ngeeeee ~
hope kkal yeah sys tyke wif abg azri :)
i miss sys sanadsanad :)* 
dun take her from me okea 
if u will do it , i bom u gune bom atom ?? naa ?? 
if taa naa jgn amik dea taow , tired ohh -,- naa story pnjgpnjg , 
ngeeee ~

;) sys tyka i love you damn much

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